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Little Triggers
Little Triggers


Stephen Larkin Book 2

"Shaking down the politician hadn't given him the righteous kick he thought it would. Coming home to an empty house, he had opened the bottle, flirted with it, kissed it, made love to it, cried into it and, eventually, killed it."

Stephen Larkin is back in his native Newcastle and working as an agency journalist. To stop himself getting bored, he's fighting greed and corruption in his inimitable way by blackmailing the powers that be into keeping their campaign promises. It doesn't help fill the empty spaces in his life, though. He needs a purpose - which is why he jumps at the chance to track down a child abuser with friends in high places. A cynic like Larkin is automatically suspicious of people like Alan Swanson. A charismatic local chancer and self-styled Minister for Youth, Swanson is the man behind the "Rebirth of the Region" project. But is his interest in kids a chance for a photo-opportunity or something more sinister? Larkin thinks that, as a reporter, he knows all there is to know about the evil that men do. But nothing has prepared him for this... Tough, gutsy, brutal, LITTLE TRIGGERS is a tale of modern city crime.


I've always written about things that make me angry. This novel has child abuse at the heart of it. Enough said.

I became completely involved while writing this book, both learning to edit and finding my own voice. Writing this convinced me that maybe Mary's Prayer wasn't a one off, that perhaps I had some future in this writing lark.

My editor at the time said that most new writers spend five years writing their first novel and, when they're given a two-book contract, panic and put down any old rubbish. Difficult second novel syndrome, she said. However, after reading LITTLE TRIGGERS and without wanting to denigrate Mary's Prayer, she said it was the first time she had seen someone do it in reverse. If she was asked blind, she said, this was the one she would have said took five years to write.

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'Snappy dialogue and the plot crackles with tension.'
   —Daily Telegraph

'Waites writes with a deft touch and his plotting is all too believable.'
   —Paisley Daily Express

'A raw, violent, explicit tale of corruption and horror among the deprived and depraved members of a tough Newcastle.'
   —The Bookseller

'Satisfying, immensely entertaining, this is crime fiction to die for.'
   — Black Tears

'Little Triggers burns with the flame of righteous wrath.'

Piatkus, UK hardcover, November 1998, ISBN: 9780749904555
Piatkus, UK paperback, May 1999, ISBN: 9780749931094
Allison & Busby, UK paperback, February 2007, ISBN: 9780749081089
Pegasus, US paperback, January 2008, ISBN: 9781933648552